Interview: Charli Brix

Charli Brix

A conversation with Charlie Brix

Charli is an incredible vocalist and DJ that for a couple years now has been making waves in the music scene and empowering female artists whilst she does it. As a care leaver herself, Charli wants to use her platform to help improve the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In this interview Charli tells us about her her experience leaving care and some of the struggles she faced. We talk about some of her favorite memories around the dinner table and the power food has in connecting people.

As someone who has experienced the impact of the system and the difficult transition from foster care to living independently, Charli explains that many things became a compromise and food was one of them. Having the opportunity to choose what one eats and access to nutritional, fresh and tasty food is something she believes can provide a sense of belonging and improve ones mental health and being.

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